Gain tools to harness the power of your mind to shape your intentions into reality.

There is no time like the present to get what you want.

Before learning about the Sankalpa, I thought intentions were heavy lifting goals that were rarely attainable.

They did not make me feel better about myself, they made me feel worse. Now, through the power of Sankalpa, I understand how to shape things into my mind in a powerful, more productive and healthier way and obtain my personal and spiritual goals.

Settings goals and intentions are not just things you do once a year, it can be consistent and gratifying practice, one that is easier than you think.

Through the experience and consistent use of Sankalpa, I have turned my dreams and hopes into reality.

Instead of telling myself I was less of something, I was able to write the story I wanted and turn it into my reality.

Now I have strong skills to talk myself out of a downward spiral, and to lift myself up and rise from the ashes when things feel hard.

There is no reason we cannot count on ourselves to be the support we need at all times. With simple steps, you too can be what you want to be, and live the life you have always wanted to live.

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Meet Your Teacher

Jennifer is a certified yoga therapist and holistic clinical aromatherapist, and Owner of Wild Nurturer Wellness and Aromatherapy, living in Ohio.

She has near 20 years of experience in the holistic and contemporary alternative medicine industry (CAM). She has trademarked her own form of Yoga Therapy called Inner Wisdom® and has a rare graduate-level degree in essential oil research & aromatherapy which helps her create gorgeous small-batch skincare and aromatherapy products that support the stressed and anxious community to become happier, whole, and more self-aware through the practices of aromatherapy and yoga therapy.

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  Discovering the Power of Sankalpa
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